{Fashion Friday} Spring has Sprung

I don’t know about the other places in the world, but Virginia seems to have missed the memo about it being Spring. She is SO oblivious to the season that she thought it was appropriate to snow this morning,¬†preceding¬†a beautiful 60 degree and sunny day yesterday. Thanks Mother Nature.

How exactly does one dress for this kind of weather? That’s hard to say. I want to break out my short sleeve floral tops that I love so much, but the temperature outside says throw on a turtleneck.

Since I’m still nursing I still want to throw on something that A: hides spit up well and B: can have easy boob access. I feel like most of the time you can only pick one…since spit up isn’t always concealable.


Spring Mom Fashion

Forever 21 tank / GAP blazer / Old Navy skinny fit jeans / TOMS crochet shoes / Dooney & Bourke clear plastic handbag / Oasis sequin scarve, $15

I love how colorful the top is! It makes my day. Even better, the tank top unbuttons so there isn’t a need to lift your shirt all the way up. It’s a great (inexpensive) piece that you can cover up with a blazer or sweater to keep it a little conservative, or warm. Whichever is your thing. Don’t forget to pair it with a cute flat and a great diaper bag! If it’s still a little too chilly, don’t be afraid to throw on a scarf, it might give your baby a little something to play with! Just kidding…But really.