A day in the life: 7 months

Someone must have hit fast forward. Another month has gone by! My baby is now 7 months old. Not much has changed in the past month in terms of routine, although he sleeps in a little longer. Now I only have to get up at 7 instead of 6!

He has made many attempts to crawl, but one his toosh gets off of the floor and he has to put his knee down, he either face plants or backs off. This is how he has managed to scoot all the way across the floor, meaning the child proofing actually has to begin. He has already managed to turn the Xbox on and off several times.

Another new thing he can do is pull up using your hands: meaning if you just hold his hands and don’t pull him up, he will pull up to his feet. It’s his favorite thing to do. He asks to do it a lot.

Because of his new found mobility he is getting into all kinds of mischief, putting shoes and cords in his mouth, grabbing at the dog and cat, and even trying to get in the dog crate. See, time to baby proof.

Since B has started daycare (since day 1) his nose has run like a river. He has a bad cough, and has gotten an ear infection, which we had to switch antibiotics because amoxicillin didn’t fix  it completely. Despite being sick he still is happy as can be and sleeps all night.

7 months

Bebe Stats:

Age: 7 months

Weight: 16.6 pounds

Length:  27 inches

Sleep: all night with the exception of our sick nights 🙁

Feeding: B has made the switch to formula. He gets 6 0z. when he wakes up, 3 bottles while he is at daycare, and then 2 more before bedtime. He gets 3 snacks throughout the day. We have started meats, and he seems to like them! Lately we have been having a difficult time getting him to eat dinner. B is also allowed to get a couple of ounces of juice with water each day to help with his drainage from the ear infection. No success getting him to drink it yet.

Favorites: His table top toy that is propped on only 2 legs. He also really likes Thomas the Tank Engine (I guess he takes after his Uncle D.) He  LOVES the water and going swimming, but only if Mom is holding him or his feet can touch the bottom. That’s my safety cautious boy!

Firsts: B can scoot on his bum and and will pull up when holding your hands. He went to his first cookout on July 4th. He had his first taste of juice on July 5th.

Medical: B has an ear infection in both ears. What started out as one, never ffully recovered with the ffirst antibiotic. Now he is on a stronger one or both ears. Luckily for me, when he doesn’t feel well, he just wants to sit on my lap and watch a movie.

Development: B is starting to crawl! He tries so hard, but sometimes he face plants. That’s OK, though, because Mom is right there to pick him up and kiss him and tell him it is OK. When you hold his hands he can pull himself up and stand! He even tries to walk. He loves going to daycare, where they do crafts (I’ll be sure to post them when I get them back) and he plays with the kids. B also holds his own bottle! We are working on using a sippy cup now.